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For basically almost every sport you decide to partake in, speed and agility will be one of the main areas to work on. For some, this may come easier than for others. Here are some different drills that can help you increase your ability for speed!

  • Forward Running, High Knee Drills

    This is designed to improve foot coordination and speed. All you have to do is run with high knees forward as you step into every square of the ladder, trying not to miss any open space.

  • Side to Side Drills

    This is to help improve your knee and ankle stability. Make sure you are sideways with the ladder. Step side by side as each of your feet make their way into the spaces of the ladder. Try to increase in speed every time!

  • Dot Drills

    These drills allow athletes to quickly and fluently change directions during the sport without much notice. Create an X on the floor in the pattern of a five, kind of how it is on a dice, then jump from each dot until you feel warmed up. After that, try to increase your speed.

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