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  • Football Drills:

    Blocking drills are important for offensive and defensive players to work on their footwork and hand techniques.Being able to properly execute a tackling drill will help the players be able to learn the proper tackling posture to prevent injuries from occurring.Wind sprints help the players acquire more speed, stamina, and lung capacity.


    Hustle Drill: The point of this is to work on conditioning. Make sure the ball is at the 40-yard line. Have all the players line up at midfield while the quarterback calls the play. The team executes the play and sprints down to the endzone.Team Offense Triple Option: A chute should only be used to remind players to stay low. This helps the players stimulate a live speed play side look.Team Offense Uncovered Drill: The point of this is to make sure that quarterbacks and wide receivers know when they are uncovered due to misalignment and so that they know how to execute the play accordingly.


    Perfect Play: This helps everyone work together and allows everyone to make sure that they are doing their job and to rely on everyone else to do their job.Skelly Drill: This helps improve the different coverages and different pass patterns that should be practiced. The coach will signal the athletes and they have to run their routes to make sure they all know how to perform it.Skelly from Hash: This one helps better understand the coverages and passes when the ball comes out in a trips formation on the field so that the players know how to execute this correctly.Defensive Secondary Skelly Drill: this is the same as skelly from hash but when the ball comes out in a trips formation on the boundary side of the field.Intercept and Return Team Drill: This helps teach the athletes to work on switching from coverage to blocking for the ballcarrier.

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