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  • Single baseball lessons

    These lessons are designed for the players who want to review or redefine the skills learned in the previous packages or for the student who wants to commit to one lesson before signing up for one of the packages above. This is also for the player who wants to have video analysis and be given drills to improve their skills. These lessons usually take 1-3 lessons depending on the players needs and skill level..

  • Beginning Package for Teams

    Learn and develop the mechanics and skills necessary to be proficient enough to develop a professional level swing. Lessons will allow the student to learn the mechanics and drills to develop each segment of the swing. All team members are given drills and homework to do between lessons to develop swing mechanics. The lessons are designed around the teams needs and skill level and the members learn the skills and drills at their pace.

  • Intermediate Package for Teams

    Designed to advance the players who have completed the Beginners package or for older, more advanced, level players. These lessons will allow the Students to develop the more advanced skills and drills needed to allow these players to excel at the Advanced Youth Level, High School Level or College Level. Students will learn more advanced Biomechanical Movements, Timing, Mental Skills, Team Skills and become more proficient at the skills and drills learned.

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