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South Florida is an area ripe with sports talent. It’s hard to find the right coach. If you’re a parent searching for the right coach for your child, or an athlete trying to improve your technique or want more targeted sports training, will help you find the perfect match for all your sports coaching needs. We provide a large talent pool for local sports coaches and private sports coaching and South Florida is one of our biggest markets. Find a coach near you within just a few short clicks. Sports coaching and sports training is something that is worth investing in. gives you access to hundreds of local sports coaches in South Florida. Browse through coaches who offer youth sports training in Broward and Miami-Dade. If you’re closer to Palm Beach and Boca Raton, we offer access to coaches offering everything from sports lessons to private coaching. Of course there are always on-line options too. We offer access to most sports coaching and training including Baseball and Basketball. From Miami to West Palm Beach, our coaches are reputable, local, and will help you or your child reach the desired fitness goals. And of course, there is always the ability to book online coaching and training. Finding a coach near you has never been easier.

The South Florida sports coaching market is competitive and provides a talented pool for local sports coaches to showcase their skills, experience and expertise. You can even choose a travel coach that can help with specific skills or strengthening fundamentals. As always, provides access to coaches that are vetted, verified and have completed background checks. Your payment is always secure and with our user friendly dashboard, you can track your training, payments, discounts and refunds with ease. It's extremely user friendly.

There are hundreds of sports coaches to choose from on our platform. Keith Thompson, for example, is one of our sports coaches who has years of experience coaching football, track and field, and strength and conditioning. He is CPR/AED certified, a certified personal trainer, and has a B.A. in Sports and Fitness from Florida Atlantic University. “I love sports,” he says. “Sports has been something I have loved to do since I was young. Sports coaching is what I want to pursue my career in. My specialties in sports are My footwork skills are above par and I'm willing to teach this to my clients.”

Dwayne Frazier is another one of our exceptional South Florida coaches. Dwayne was born in Tampa, FL and grew up in Miami Beach. He played college basketball at Manhattanville college in White Plains, NY and now resides in Miami. He offers sports training in strength, conditioning, training and speed & agility when it comes to techniques but what he also brings to the table is a unique experience playing college basketball and a passion for teaching, coaching and mentoring.

“Because of my experience in the past, coaching is something that I was always interested in doing. Luckily for me in my basketball experience, I was granted very good coaches to be playing, competing, and learning from. All those lessons have never left my brain and I want I share them to others. These lessons in basketball not only made me better on the court, but it made me better off the court. My sports experience started for as long as I can remember. I did flag football, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and track. All my life I just loved sports and I never wanted to be away from it.”

Dwayne’s passion comes through on his profile. If you like what he has to offer, you can click the contact mebutton on the Dwayne’s homepage and speak to him directly.

As a final example, meet Tavious Jones, a standout basketball coach servicing Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach. Tavious excels in sports coaching in the areas of boys basketball, middle school basketball, travel basketball and has middle school and high school basketball coaching experience. “I have years of basketball coaching experience,” says Tavious. “I am a hardworking and dedicated coach. I have determination and know how to get the best out of my players. No one will out work me in the game of basketball. I just need an opportunity to prove myself.” If you like what you see from Tavious’ profile and are looking for a basketball coach in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or West Palm Beach, connect with Tavious today and start an initial conversation. Remember, in-person coaching is as much about connection as it is about skills and experience. allows you to find the right coach in your area and narrow down your options before you waste a ton of time in one-on-one interviews and meet and greets. Visit to explore all coaches in South Florida.

If you are a sports coach or mentor located in South Florida and if you’re wondering if you should have a digital platform to showcase your coaching skills and expertise, look no further than on In an all-in-one digital platform, you can easily inform future clients and parents of future clients about the services you offer the South Florida region.

Our digital platform and tools can be a game changer for private sport coaches in South Florida. By joining our community you will be able to expand your client base, reach more potential customers and show you passion for your sport.

We offer free digital marketing, multiple sports profiles if you have more than one coach working with or under you, and analytical tools to track progress. Plus, you can pivot to online training easily with our in-app options.

If you have a passion for youth sports and passion for sports coaching, is perfect for you. Join us and take advantage of our digital platform tools and services. Enrollment is easy. Just fill out the online application form followed by quick call and you’re done.Your profile is ready and you’ll be coaching in South Florida in no time! Apply here.